June 24th - 26th

You will learn:

- Why a book is the single best marketing tool on the planet
- How a book can instantly differentiate you from everyone who sells what you sell.
- What it takes to use a book to BRAND yourself with massive credibility

Publish A Book
3-Day Challenge 

Stop "THINKINGAbout Writing Your Book... Let's Get It "DONE"!

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Start Times For This 3-Day Training...

Sydney (AEST): 7PM - 11PM
Singapore (SGT):  5PM - 9PM
Bangkok / Hanoi (ICT): 4PM - 8PM
Kuala Lumpur (MYT): 5PM - 9PM
Seoul (KST): 6PM - 10PM
Tokyo (JST): 6PM - 10PM

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SAT/SUN, JUNE 25th - 26th
Sydney (AEST): 9AM - 6PM
Singapore (SGT): 7AM - 4PM
Bangkok / Hanoi (ICT): 6AM - 3PM
Kuala Lumpur (MYT): 7AM - 4PM
Seoul (KST): 8AM - 5PM
Tokyo (JST): 8AM - 5PM

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During the Challenge, we will cover...
(Early each day you will receive a Pre-Class Assignment, Video and Handout to prepare you for the live online session with Gerry Robert.)

PLAN IT: Find The Right Book For You
- The Critical 3
- Determine Your Primary Objective (P.O.)
- Analyze Your Target-Population (T.POP.)
- Determine Their Needs, Desires and Problems (N.D.P.)
- Make This a MUST.

✅ WRITE IT: Write A Book In 40 Hours
- There is a pattern to writing a book.
- 5 minute writing exercise… anyone can write for 5 minutes
- Outline your book
- The 7 Step System on how to get your book outlined. 
- You committed to do it now!

✅ FUND IT: How To Bring In Sponsors To Help Fund Your Publishing
- The Revenue Calculator: How much are you leaving on the table?
- The Interview Process using the Columbo Close
- The Money 100 Worksheet (Download the Spreadsheet here.)
- The 6 Methods to Fund Your Book.

✅ PUBLISH IT: How To Self-Publish Easily
- How to get an AWESOME title
- What makes a great cover?
- Publishing matters like copyright, endorsements, printing, etc

✅ MOVE IT: How to Get Rid of the Book
- Marketing today & the Consumer Mindset
- The Reticular Activation System
- Content Marketing
- Generating Publicity
- Speaking your way to success
- Harness the power of Joint-Ventures

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to attend the Publish A Book 3-Day Challenge absolutely FREE. There are absolutely no catches!
Daily LIVE sessions (with Gerry Robert) will be held from 7PM - 10PM on Friday and 9AM - 6PM on both Saturday and Sunday. Frequent breaks will be taken throughout the day as well!

Daily assignments and review are included along with a 94 page workbook, to enhance your learning experience.

3-Day LIVE Online Training

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