Gerry Robert's Science of Seminars
Quickly launch yourself as a 6 or 7 figure speaker within 12 to 24 months with zero guess work or overwhelm. Step by step, easy to implement, insider  information that is the 'missing link' you need to achieve success! 
Very Limited Seating Available at This Price 
 Saturday, Jul. 9  -  6 Hours of Content 
Sunday, Jul. 10 -  6 Hours of Content 
If You Want To Speak More Often, Generate More Sales, Better Connect with Your Audience, More Clients, More Impact, More Time on Stage, Command Higher Prices, Gain Audience Engagement, & More.
Then you must attend Science of Seminars Symposium. An Exclusive 2 Day Speaking Skills Intensive
Tuition For Previous In Person  Event: $12,500

NOW JUST $4,998 

"My friend Gerry Robert has something 
you need to listen to..."
Mark Victor Hansen
Author & Co-Creator, Chicken Soup For The Soul 
Total Value:
MORE THAN $2800 

  • Recording of ENTIRE EVENT 
  • ​Funnel Templates 
  • ​Offer Canvas
  • ​Opportunity Assessment Tool 
  • ​Personalized Seminar Order Form (design) 
  •  Personalized Seminar Certificate (design)
  • Personal 60 Minute Consulting session (after event) with Senior Coach 
  • ​Digital Science of Seminars Manual - 226 pages in full colour
  • ​8 Steps Deconstruction Training Video of Tony Robbins Presentation
  • ​Gerry's Private SWIPE FILE - hundreds of done for you files 
  • ​Custom USB 
  • ​FREE Copies of Gerry's Best Selling Books - Publish A Book & Grow Rich + Multiply Your Business + One Additional Randomly Selected BCB Author Book INCLUDES FREE POSTAL SHIPPING 

 We are not saying you will sell $1Million at your seminar… only that Gerry Robert has been doing precisely that (and more) for decades and if you want to learn... why not learn from someone who does it all of the time and regularly opens the likes of; Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, The National Achievers Congress, and many more!

2 Full Days
Deconstruct Gerry Robert’s $1Million Weekends
Craft, Build, Create, Design YOUR Next Big Event at Science of Seminars

We remove the guesswork and provide you a roadmap to success, that fills in all the 'missing pieces' you require to make this happen

Find out EXACTLY how he does it…. nothing withheld! 
This event will help you AMPLIFY THE PERFORMANCE of your seminar business while tearing down the barriers that are constantly holding you back from moving to THE NEXT LEVEL.

What do all these people have in common?
Over the past 20+ years, Gerry has shared the biggest stages in the world and worked with all of them...and many others! 
Gerry Robert Has Been Featured In...
This is the ELITE, of ELITE seminars
Surely not from the rat-pack of amateurs promising to show you the 6 and 7 figure way to riches in the seminar business. 

At Science of Seminars, Gerry Robert will deconstruct how 

Now he will show YOU, step by step how to build your seminar, sales funnel, stage presence and craft your offer. 

"I’m making more money than I ever have... and I’m no salesperson."
-Anna Belov
"Using one idea from Gerry, I turned a $3000 contract to $60,000. This is worth every penny!"
-Grace Sedstrem
"Working with Gerry and his team has helped me double my income and increase my feeling of fulfillment."
-Dr. Naomi Dongelmans 
"My business has exploded because of what I have from learned from Gerry."
-Leila Khan 
Learn the Anatomy of a Gerry Robert 
Million Dollar Weekend Seminar 
Discover How To Create Your Own Successful Seminar. Gerry 'Fills In The Blanks' and Provides the Information That Stop Most People From Achieving The Success They Desire

Play-by-Play (Behind The Scenes) Methods Used by Gerry Robert, to Regularly Close $1,000,000 or More, In a Weekend Seminar. No More Guesswork! 

Get Your Piece of Knowledge Industry's $355 Million Daily Sales.
The only seminar of it's kind, in the world...
Let’s be clear. This Ain't No Ordinary, Same ‘Ol, Same ‘Ol Boring Seminar!

This is a LAB!
A Studio!
...A Blueprint To Create Your Own Money Factory!

The Bootcamp is presented by Gerry Robert, the man who pioneered an entire industry and has made 1/4 of a Billion dollars in the seminar industry - creating and running seminars, speaking from stage! 
  • It is NOT theory, this lab contains a PROVEN STRUCTURE and is essentially THE BLUEPRINT TO YOUR SUCCESS as a speaker with the ability to create multiple streams of income from your own seminars.
  • It is NOT an imitation, IT IS THE Seminar (Lab) that has allowed Gerry Robert to earn nearly $200 million selling from stage.
  • It IS about helping YOU to become successful selling from stage in a seminar environment, after too many years of delay and lost time. Our PROVEN SYSTEM will accelerate your efforts to become successful in the seminar business. 
  • It is NOT about dabbling in speaking, or for those thinking about running a few seminars. This is ONLY for those who are serious! 
  • It IS about running successful seminars and selling from stage, while help others to achive their goals, affording you the opportunity to generate income and gain notoriety in your area of expertise
  • It IS about you becoming an authority figure in your industry, generating media exposure and generating a substantial imcome from your seminar business. 
What Makes Gerry Robert's
Different From All The Others Programs?
Gerry Robert Will Be Your Coach, Mentor & Teacher Throughout The Program: He will be presenting throughout the event. Gerry is one of the top money earners in the world, delivering incredibly effective seminars, speaking from stage. He regularly speaks on the stages of Tony Robbins and some of the biggest names in the industry. Gerry Robert has spoken on stage to over 3 million people and generated over $200,000,000 from stage .

You Will Get The Results You Expect: Let's be honest. All you really care about is the end result - did it work? With Gerry Robert's expertise, his propensity for success and his incredible ability to connect with the audience on a personal level, there is no way you can come away from this event without having greatly improved your acumen for creating an effective seminar business, speaking and selling directly from the stage. 

You will learn from someone who has earned more than $200,000,000 through seminar creation and speaking: We challenge you to find any other program in the world that features a speaker with Gerry's experience and credentials. You will learn from someone who lives, eats and sleeps speaking, and has done so for 30+ years. 

Gerry will interact, critique and coach every one of our participants. You will learn directly from a world class master speaker: He has experienced every possible situation, enjoyed success at every level, learned from his mistakes and refined his craft. Now you can learn directly from the master. Shortcut your success, avoid the errors, Become successful faster and achieve more. 

After having been mentored by one of the best in the business you will come away from $cience of $eminar with a much greater ability and understanding of how to create an incredibly effective seminar and sell from the stage: It's all about being able to sell, this is a skill you must master if you want to be successful. 
Let's be clear, you selling is something you do every moment of every day, be it selling your believability, your personality, your product / service or just having a conversation and wanting to get your point across.


If you don't understand this, you will never have success. Selling from the stage is a very unique talent, one that many fantastic speakers do NOT posses. Gerry is an absolute master at selling, from stage! There is no one better at teaching ethical, moral and effective sales techniques in a seminar setting.  

No other person in this industry has conducted as many successful seminars or generated more than $250 Million

What topic Gerry uses and recommends to bring in the biggest cash? 
How to pick the best subjects for you to teach.
Who buys the most according to Gerry’s buying matrix? 
How to select your perfect client which fills your need for Purpose AND Profit.
What framework has Gerry discovered works best for a maximum profit event?
Gerry shares the tools and software he used to bring in over $200 million in the past 30 years including actual $1Million Seminar Profit & Loss Statements and what KPI’s he uses to manage his team.

Learn how to systematically build your event, sell from stage and create a sales funnel that works!
Most people fail because they neglect to seek the advice, coaching and mentorship of those who are experts in the areas they are not. Don't make this fatal mistake! 
Creating a system that can be duplicated and repeated is key to exponential growth

How Gerry Robert advertise it? (Where?, how much?, to whom?, testing methodology?, sequencing?, spends?)
Which cities does Gerry pick globally and why he goes back so often? 
What is the follow-up sequence Gerry uses to get them in? 
What are the actual numbers from Gerry’s hundreds of events he conducts every year… clicks, registrations, show ups, retentions, sales, follow-up, upsells)

Act 1: Gerry’s Workshop Set-Up Syntax
Act 2: The Registration Process 
Act 3: How Gerry delivers the content and what he does to close high dollar volume every time.
Act 4: The (unknown/unshared) closing secrets Gerry uses to move massive cash into his bank account and get so many to pay in full and also how he manages to get such high collections at the event… more than almost anyone in the industry. His results are way above all of the so-called (Amateur) experts teaching this on the Net.

The exact sequence Gerry uses for following up after the event. (Call Scripts/email sequence/special offers)
Cancellation reduction techniques used by Gerry all of the time. 
How Gerry upsells after the event.
The accounting process used by Gerry to measure profitability and results.

Gerry Teaches These Topics & More...
Crafting the Perfect Talk
Dramatically Improve Your Closing Skills
Gaining Acceptance
Creating Attendee Worksheets and Material
​Proper Registration 
Staffing Requirements​​
​What To Wear
​What Not To Say
​Understanding Your Audience 
​Finding Speaking Engagements
​Handle Dead Air or Recover From a Failed Joke
​Encourage Enthusiasm 
​Create & Maintain Energy Within the Room Create Front & Back End Products 
What to Charge (it's more than you think!)
Calculating Your Success and Profitability
​Advance Promotion & Marketing
​ Crafting Your Offer - Creating 'The Close'
​Engage the Audience 
​Gain the Audience Trust
Ethically & Morally Sell Anything 
​Divert Attention 
Differentiate Yourself From Others
​Book Venues
​Poor AV & Sound Issues
Proper Use of Humour (You must learn this) 
​Modulate Your Voice with Proper Inflection
​Stage Setup
​Gain Audience Buy in
Understanding the Numbers
​Create Joint Venture Business Deals
​Get Publicity
​Where To Stand On Stage For Best Impact
​ Address a Heckler
​Stage Setup & The Importance of Room Ascetics
What the Experts Have to Say About Gerry Robert
"Listen to this guy (Gerry Robert), he knows what he’s talking about…He’s helped me earn millions of dollars"
Bob Proctor
Self Development Guru. Star of 'The Secret' (movie)
"Gerry will help you realize your full potential….That will have a profound difference in your life"
Mark Victor Hansen
Author & Co-Founder, Chicken Soup For the Soul 
The 2-Day Training That Gives You The Exact Strategies And Done For You Marketing, Allowing You To Profit From The $355 Million Dollar Per Day Knowledge Industry.
This lab will include small intimate group settings, accommodating plenty of interaction with Gerry and our expert coachs and mentors. The curriculum takes our participants through every facet of the seminar & speaking business. 

No stone is left uncovered. 

With more than 30 years of speaking in the seminar business, experience, around the world, with incredible success, Gerry is the perfect mentor.

You will love this Gerry Robert's SCIENCE OF SEMINARS SYMPOSIUM, if you’ve been… 

Overwhelmed by what to teach, to whom, for how long and how much to charge. 

Sometimes you feel… 

There should be better tools available to you to help you navigate what will work and what won’t in your own events. 

It’s difficult to learn what customers actually want or where to start to cash in on the Knowledge Industry.

Stuck about what to offer and how to craft an offer that will really impact your audience but also your bank account. 
The Gerry Robert SCIENCE OF SEMINARS will help you successfully 
accomplish the following...

This is our value proposition to you…  
  • Discover insider secrets that allows Gerry to routinely gross over $1 million in a weekend seminar. Watch him demonstrate seeding, framing, teaching, closing, confirming and getting paid right in front of your eyes.
  • Leverage Gerry Roberts experience to help you create 5 and 6 figure events that really impact and change lives. 
  • Avoid wasting time just “learning” or being “coached”. At SCIENCE OF SEMINARS you will actually Craft, Build, Create and  Design your next event. End Seminar Fatigue forever.
  • Spend 2 days to see behind-the-scenes how Gerry Robert delivers a seminar that brings in maximum income for you within 60 days.
  • Clarify what you should teach AND Learn how to teach it like Gerry does
  • Deconstruct how to conduct your own highly profitable seminar, workshop, mastermind or bootcamp. 
  • Lean how Gerry sells without anyone feeling sleazy or highly pressured even when he sells his $150,000 programs.
  • Spend 2 days using these observations and finish the SCIENCE OF SEMINARS with your own event, crafted, built, created and designed...all done before you leave. 
  • Craft your offer using Gerry’s proprietary framework for what to sell. What products or services you should offer, what tools you need to get high dollar results every single time. 
  • Discover who you should be selling to and how to reach them.
  • Know what content you should teach to have maximum returns in terms of profit but also influence
  • How to relieve client pain and create gain for them quickly and consistently.
  • PRIMARY OBJECTIVE ADVICE you absolutely must know before you ever get on the stage. Let us show you how to avoid this common error.
  • TARGET POPULATION ADVICE that will afford you the information needed to reach the right audience and generate the most exposure to generate a path to the fastest cash! 
  • DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE. Learn how to understand their NEEDS, DESIRES, and PROBLEMS (NDP), so you can address these vary issues and 'wow' the audience with your content. Understanding this can be the difference between failure and success.
  • Learn how to best understand and utilize your PO, for the TPOP & NDP of your audience. Not taking the time to learn this key strategy is one of the most common mistakes made by unsuccessful seminar presenters and organizers.
About the Instructor
Gerry Robert is the Author of Publish A Book & Grow Rich. He is the Founder of Black Card Books, one of the fastest growing publishers on the planet. He is an International Speaker who has spoken at literally thousands of events, to over 3 million attendees around the globe and he has generated more than $200 million in the seminar industry.

Regarded as one of the top 20 speakers in the world, selling from stage, he regularly opens for some of the most recognizable and respected authorities in the industry: Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vee, Les Brown to name a few.

As an author, Gerry has written 5 International Bestsellers and has been featured in countless media appearances. His business partnerships and client list feature an incredible array of celebrities, authors, and business leaders. Yet, his biggest joy, is working with everyday speakers and writers to help them become incredibly successful .
Here's What To Do Next
Experience & Proven Structure
Gerry Robert is the pioneer in the speaking and entrepreneurial book publishing industry. He teaches how to craft the perfect seminar, how to effectively sell from the stage and generate additional streams of income through enhanced credibility and by dramatically improving your presentation skills and awareness of the entire process required to create a world class seminar! 

He regularly speaks on the stages of Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and many more high profile celebrities. These, and many other world renowned authority figures know the value of having Gerry Robert on their stage.

Over the past 30 years, Gerry and his team, have developed an incredible seminar system that has proven time and time again, to generate incredible results.

As one of the top 20 speakers on the planet, based on revenue generation from stage, Gerry has experienced incredible success and generated in excess of $200 million, presenting to more than 3 million people and teaching how to catapult your business with multiple sources of income. 
Unique Experience
During the Science of Seminars workshop, we provide what other programs are afraid to...and what they don't even know they don't know!

We offer our participants EVERYTHING they need to build a successful seminar business, speaking from the stage.

This will be a very interactive workshop with many opportunities to work directly with the other attendees, our expert staff, and of course Gerry himself is teaching and available the entire event.

We give you all of the information, templates, scripts, instructions and examples. Nothing is held back, you leave with all the knowledge required to immediately create a successful seminar business, or dramatically improve an existing one.

Knowledge + Motivation 
= Results
You will come away with a plan to get launch your seminar career or kickstart your existing one! You will have both the motivation and the blueprint to actually make it happen. 

Many 'would be' speakers have, for many years, had the dream to earn a living and sell from stage, but just can't figure out how to make it happen. They give up, frustrated and broke. 

Many others are stuck, continually hoping to figure it out, presenting seminars and giving talks to small uninterested groups, making no money, giving boring presentations that don't produce the desired results.

Stop boring your audiences with ineffective seminar talks and start making money in this very lucrative business. The only way to do this, is to learn from someone who has made all the mistakes already, and learned from them. Someone who know how to engage and motivate an audience to take action. 

Gerry has found the 'secret sauce' needed to present an effective, revenue generating seminar. You too can learn this system and methodology to become successful in the speaking and seminar world.  
Don't Be THAT Speaker...
Boring Your Audience and Not Making Any Money
Let's be honest, we have all seen the speaker who thinks they are doing a great job, but the reality is, the audience is bored, uninterested and can't wait for it to end.

No one wants to be this person...but many of you reading this, ARE that person! There are a lot of untrained 'speakers' who fall into this category. Don't be one of them!! Let Gerry help you discover a way to make the money you deserve by improving your status and better engaging your audience.

Stop the cycle of giving uninspiring, ineffective talks, boring your audience and not making any sales from stage! 

Start giving effective talks with a call to action that will generate the results you want, create the income you desire and differentiate you from everyone in your category.

Unfortunately many 'speakers' will quit or die, with their untapped potential never having realized. You have a gift, it needs to be shared, it's your destiny to stand in front of a crowd, presenting a polished seminar that invokes the desired response and positively affects lives. Don't let this go! Make it happen by attending $cience of $eminars.

This is isn't another listen and leave it seminar. You will complete this event, ready to get get onstage and 'WOW' your audience with a well oiled seminar presentation - from registration to sales. You will have a newfound understanding of all the steps needed to become a successful speaker ...but more importantly, you will leave a purpose and the drive to actually get it done!
Why You Need to Attend
The 2-Day Symposium 
  • You are frustrated after buying seminars or coaching that haven’t produced enough actual results.
  • ​You have bought high-priced seminars or coaching that… Lacked the experience to give you what you need to make it actually happen. 
  • ​You were over promised in previous seminars that under delivered and now you suffer from SEMINAR FATIGUE.
  • ​At some of the seminars you have been to, you were taught by people who’ve barely made any money actually doing it themselves, let alone brought in over $250 Million like Gerry Robert has done. 
  • ​You have wanted to speak professionally for many years.
  • ​Have you tried to implement slimy, sleazy, techniques that just weren’t YOU, and made you feel dirty?
  • You just don't know where to begin or the proper path to follow in order to get it done.
  • You know there are better tools available to help you navigate what will work and what won’t in your own events. 
  • ​There should be better tools available to you to help you navigate what will work and what won’t in your own events. 
  • ​You just can't seem to find the time or motivation to get this done (or even started).
  • ​You have a story to tell and the world needs to hear it.
  • You need help to better understand what customers actually want or where to start to cash in on the Knowledge Industry. 
  • ​You are stuck trying to figure out what to offer and how to craft an offer that will really impact your audience but also your bank account.
  • Leaving a legacy is important.
  • ​You have the potential to develop a business and just need a vehicle to help you get the world out.
  • ​Developing personal credibility is important to your profession or cause.
  • ​Reaching a larger audience is key to your success.
  • ​Making an impact on in the lives of others is vital to you 

Have you been disappointed by failure, even after spending a bomb, 
getting your hopes up and giving it all you’ve got?

Have you tried to create events that impact others 
only to be devastated by poor results that… 
Seemed for sure like they would work, but didn’t!
Wasted tons of money
Held promising results, but in the end your results bombed, because you were over your head and didn’t really understand the process of selling using a proven model.

Let Gerry Robert provide you with ALL of the insider secrets you need, to create your own blueprint for a successful seminar presentation, generating sales from stage, proper followup to gain additional sales and create long term customers, much more. 

Gerry reveals everything in Science of Seminars. Nothing is held back! 
You will leave with everything you need to create your own massively successful seminar. 

Before You Register, Make Sure You Are Serious and Truly Ready To Do This:

You must be willing to commit to the entire program, to attend this event. That's 2-full days from start to finish. If you are not 100% committed to attend the entire event, then you aren't serious about getting your speaking career, and this isn't for you.

You are coachable and willing to listen to new ways of thinking about how to launch your speaking career and make it profitable. - If you're not coachable, then please don't even think about attending. We only want to work with those who are willing to listen to Gerry's 30 years of experience and be open to new thoughts, concepts, etc.

You are looking to build or grow a business around your speaking career and you believe you have the ability to do this, by charging professional speaking fees. If you are coachable, we might be able to show you a way to take your idea and 'spin' it, to afford you with an opportunity to create a business around your content, or deliver your primary objective through other.

You must be wiling to commit to yourself, both financially and with your time. Speaking effectively promoting yourself properly and perfecting your craft will require your time and financial commitment. This is the simple reality. If you can't commit to your own development and promotion, you are being unrealistic and should not waste any more of your time thinking about it.

We'd love to see you at the event, but please come with an open mind and for the right reasons. - No offence to anyone is intended, but if something above does not sit well with you - this likely i isn't the right event for you and we don't want to waste your time or money.

As mentioned, the SCIENCE OF SEMINARS VIP ticket is just




If you really want to get serious in the seminar business, you would be crazy to miss this event! 

Prices are all shown and billed in USD

This Is Absolutely a Limited Time Offer,
You need to act right now to Claim Your seat NOW... 
Right NOW!
Before We Sell Out!
The isn't some fake deadline to get you to commit 
We really have a limited number of seats available and we are nearing capacity 
I really appreciate you for taking the time to read this page and I sincerely hope you will take advantage of this offer, so you can create a highly successful seminar and become much more effective selling from stage 
The offer is for you to attend our incredible Science of Seminars TWO Day Symposium $4,998

This is an insane deal, one you must take advantage of right now, of you are serious about speaking and selling from stage in your own seminars. 

Gerry Robert

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter...please actually take the time to read the information above, so you are fully aware of everything that is included with this awesome offer.

Prices are all shown and billed in USD


Date & Time
Saturday July 9, 2022
Sunday July 10, 2022 


Seats Remaining
Very limited number of seats remaining.
Do not delay in signing up. This event will be sold out very soon.

Everyone in attendance, must purchase a ticket.
Guests are not permitted 
If you really want to kick-start your seminar & speaking career to
dramatically improve your results, you really would be crazy to miss this event. 
I urge you to complete the info below and sign up right away , space is extremely limited.
Gerry Robert's 

One of Our Expert Consultants Will Contact Your To 
Discuss Your Registration & Answer Any Questions

Event Information and Conditions
  • ALL attendees must have purchased a TICKET. No one admitted without a ticket. 
  • ​Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start for registration.
IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers

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